Elisabeth is a warm, energetic communicator. She has been an educator and instructor for more than 15 years. Since 2009, she has specialized in legal audiences: presenting, coaching and providing feedback to law professors, attorneys, pre-law advisors, and law school applicants. She has led committees of attorneys and law school faculty on topics ranging from bias and racism to online instruction.


Prior work experiences at the White House and the Federal Emergency Management Agency mean Elisabeth brings a sense of urgency and a focus on results to her work with high performing professionals. Elisabeth attended Yale Law School and Carleton College.


Audiences and clients appreciate that Elisabeth’s sessions are well-researched, relevant, engaging and packed with actionable takeaways. She sparkles with intelligence and humor.


Affiliations and Membership
Faculty Specialist, University of Hawai'i at Manoa (UHM) Center for Teaching Excellence
Lecturer in Law, UHM William S. Richardson School of Law
Member, UHM Commission on Racism and Bias
Board Member, Law School Transparency



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Virtual Backgrounds 

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Mute & Videos On:  Kelly Gluzman



Elisabeth coaches individuals, faculty groups, and corporate teams to communicate well on video.

Clients learn skills, techniques, and equipment tweaks that:


  • Enhance credibility, persuasion, and authority
  • Create warm and authentic interactions that build trust
  • Build confidence for speakers, presenters, and participants
  • Minimize audience distractions, and get the message across.


Elisabeth offers CLEs, programs, and trainings for small and large groups, as well as one-on-one coaching for presenters, applicants, interviewers, and leaders of remote teams. She is available to consult with event organizers to build interactive, energetic events that are engaging for presenters and participants. The skills and methods are applicable across all videoconferencing platforms: Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meet, etc.


Elisabeth’s trainings are always inclusive and energetic, featuring strategies and celebrating examples from people of color in the videogame, broadcasting, and entertainment industries. She can connect with audiences of all ages.


Contact Elisabeth to help your team with:

  • Lighting, sound, and camera placement
  • Wardrobe, makeup, and set design (virtual and real)
  • Effective online meetings
  • Inclusive norms for leading remote teams
  • Managing difficult conversations about racism and bias
  • Conducting remote interviews
  • Public speaking, body language, and eye contact on videoconferencing platforms


Schedule her popular “Webcam Like You Mean It” introductory webinar, or contact Elisabeth for a custom program to meet your needs.



Elisabeth is an expert and is available to comment on these trends and hot topics.

  • why lawyer-types should care what they look and sound like on Zoom
  • free and DIY tips to feel more confident on camera
  • teaching strategies to engage online learners
  • considerations for first-time online presenters 
  • boundaries and backgrounds -- and how teachers, students, faculty members, and attorneys  navigate the privacy issues around whether to blur or reveal their backgrounds
  • steps People of Color can take to look more like themselves on camera
  • #ZoomingWhileBlack


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A blitzkrieg of ideas and information! WRT (With Respect To) to the speaker, supply a virtual five-point safety harness so participants can buckle themselves for the wild, but informative, ride!

90% was new to me. It was ALL of value.

Elisabeth Steele Hutchison was a truly gifted speaker. She got right to the point, had dynamite slides, answered all of the Q&A's, and shared really thoughtful insights about high-quality Zooming. She had practical suggestions about Zooming better and shared specifics about the purchases and set-ups needed to put her larger concepts into practice. No doubt one of the best CLE's I've ever attended.

Considering the fact that we started at 8:15 PM EST , finished at 10:00 something PM EST and 80 attendees were still completely energized and eager to hear more or start practicing what they just learned is any professor's dream. You were magnificent! "Zoom Like a Professional"  with Elisabeth Steele Hutchison is the BOMB!!

Elisabeth was entertaining, engaging, well informed, welcoming/warm….The PowerPoint was well organized and interesting content. It moved at the perfect speed, to get information and used time wisely. The tips and tricks, she spoke from experience. This was the best training I have attended since CV-19/Zoom’ing started. I’ve attempted 2 other workshops regarding Zoom, and by far this was the BEST!