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The UHM Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) supports the improvement, development and enhancement of university teaching through: the development of teaching effectiveness through orientations, instructional development activities, evaluation of teaching performance, and individual consultation on teaching practice and mentoring.



The appearance of your virtual classroom has a huge impact on your student’s learning experience. Apply lessons from TV producers, YouTubers, and online gamers to set up and teach from your own home Zoom studio.

We'll discuss:

  • Inexpensive and DIY ways to communicate competence and confidence via Zoom
  • Add a knowledge of camera angles, three-point lighting, and video settings to your teaching toolkit
  • Make a document camera using a smartphone and three soup cans
  • Add subtitles/captions to your PPT lectures in real time
  • All this and more!

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence and William S. Richardson School of Law.