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On June 9, 2021, Elisabeth recorded was interviewed by IICLE Programs Project Coordinator Christopher Noel. In Re is the official IICLE podcast. IICLE has been providing CLE to Illinois Lawyers for over 50 years. The views expressed in this podcast are those of the individuals and do not represent the views of IICLE.

Listen on Buzzfeed | IICLE Best Webcam Practices Transcript.pdf

6:28 Elisabeth learned a ton from her online students.
14:15 It's tough to read a Zoom room.
16:59 "Can you hear me?"
17:58 Use captions.
18:29 DM me if I have a poppy seed in my teeth.
19:51 Elisabeth's Epic Zoom Fails
24:00 Laughing is learning.
25:00 Zooms are too quiet anyways.
27:00 Connection, not perfection.
28:54 Hide your self-view.
30:00 Elisabeth's super secret sauce for getting someone's attention on a videocall.
32:26 Show your armpits!
33:37 Beware the Resting Face
35:20 Elisabeth's Top 5 Don'ts
- Don't appear backlit.
- Don't use a video virtual background.
- Look at the camera.
- Ask for feedback and listen to it.
- Someone who asks me to keep my video on, but doesn't keep theirs on.
39:37 How Elisabeth and Chris Met
41:08 Elisabeth's headset doubles as her security blanket.
43:37 Black lives matter.
45:27 Jonathan Capehart went to Carleton College.