Podium Kit

  • If you drink on-camera, drink water from a clear glass. Mugs and flasks keep your viewers guessing.  Take a sip to gather your thoughts or take a breath.
  • Keep a mirror within arms' reach. 
  • Use a lint roller to remove crumbs, lint, cat hair, etc.  What is invisible across a conference table may show up on camera.
  • Blot anything that shines.  Bald head?  Shiny earlobes? I use oil absorbing sheets.  Or the sticky part of a Post-it note. Or a toilet seat cover. Or brown napkins from that coffee shop.
  • Remove any redness from your eyes with LUMIFY eyedrops.
  • Clean your eyeglasses and webcam lens. Clean eyeglasses = Fewer distracting smudges.  Clean webcam lens = Better video quality.  I keep CareTouch Lens & Screen Cleaning Wipes handy.
  • If you have eyebrows, brush them. And if you have particularly unruly eyebrows, swipe on a clear brow mascara to keep them in place.
  • Running hot?  Use a desktop fan, off-camera.  But make sure the sound is not picked up by your microphone.
  • Prone to sweat?  Absorb underarm sweat by sticking maxipads in the armpits of your clothes.


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Very relatable, intuitive content. I would recommend Elisabeth anyday!

Wow. Great presentation. And thank you so much for promoting content creators and using lots of examples of people of color! We need more of this.

I thought it was fabulous. One of the best presentations of this type I've EVER seen. I am always on the lookout for managing lighting with eyeglasses, avoiding reflection.

What may seem like “common sense” may not be so obvious to everyone so it’s really helpful to have you explain the basics to help us be better prepared for our Zoom sessions.

I appreciate that most of the tips would work for Zoom or other web conferencing platforms.