GREAT presentation. I learned so much from you today! WONDERFUL JOB !!!  05/09/2022

I attended your phenomenal webinar today about communicating more effectively on video calls. I learned so much about posture, lighting, camera tools, and more during this training. I’ll absolutely incorporate what I learned to uplevel my online teaching skills and provide a better experience for those who are watching me.  05/09/2022

The webinar was very informative and I love your enthusiasm! I'll be watching the recording to make sure I didn't miss any tips!  05/09/2022

Elisabeth, anyone who has the opportunity to experience one of your presentations is indeed most fortunate. My sincere thanks for you sharing your expertise with the Maui Non Profit Directors Association!  04/25/2022

I attended an ACLEA mid-year conference in January 2021 and thought your presentation on virtual/technology best practices for attorneys was terrific!   04/08/2022

Wow, this is awesome. I love these bite-sized tips! I'm always learning something new.  04/08/2022

I thought your session was so helpful.  There were lots of practical suggestions for them to take away.  As you know from working with lawyers, they are highly skeptical and it is hard to engage them.  You brought some great new ideas to them.  I use Zoom to teach every day, and I learned new things too  03/30/2022

I really enjoyed it.  I am going to have to start showing my armpits!   03/30/2022

I am delighted to have been in attendance of one or two of your workshops, and I felt valued & seen, left with a clearer understanding of our online presence with tips & tricks to support in future online meetings.  02/22/2022

You're definitely one of the people who has contagious, positive energy. I'm so glad you're doing what you love, and that you're sharing it with the rest of us! (And I recently set up my desk with your Zoom tips in mind...)... If my other connections aren't already watching what Elisabeth is doing... you should be!  02/22/2022

I read this book, "You are the message," by a very infamous (unfortunately) TV Executive, but he was very successful. Anyway, he said that when he would go analyze TV anchors, he would not go to the station, but would watch in his hotel room, with the sound off. If they entertained him without the sound, he would recommend they stay on the air. Well guess what YOU PASS the "You are the message" test!! I just watched you talk without the sound and I was totally mesmerized! Congrats!  02/01/2022

Great tips and always so inclusive in your delivery!  02/01/2022

You continue to amaze us with the amount of information packaged in your 1 minute videos.  02/01/2022

You are the best teacher of the look-good!  01/27/2022

The talk was very enriching! We received valuable tips to see and listen to each other better when we have videoconferences or when teaching online classes.   01/18/2022

I attended two of your "Zoom Like a Professional" events, and they were both amazing!  I learned so much which I put into practice everyday.    01/17/2022

I enjoy your videos immensely. I love that they are micro lessons as I know exactly what you'll cover without too much fluff and yet you still inject personality and humour into them. I had some time yesterday and could not stop at just one video! I look forward to watching even more of your videos and of course implementing as many of your tips as I possibly can to improve my own Zoom set-up.  01/12/2022

I just took your recorded zoom CLE class. It was one of the best presentations ever and learned a lot of great tips. I hope you'll continue to teach more CLE classes! Thank you!  01/01/2022

Your content is extremely relevant as I did not think (too much) about how others see or hear my zoom video feed. I was not bored, was not distracted, and was engaged by your personality, your wit, and organized presentation. I kept notes and am happy I can watch (and have my staff watch) the program again. Excellent!  12/30/2021

You are amazing and have awesome tips and tricks that I know will help me incredibly in my future.  12/02/2021