The talk was very enriching! We received valuable tips to see and listen to each other better when we have videoconferences or when teaching online classes.   01/18/2022

I attended two of your "Zoom Like a Professional" events, and they were both amazing!  I learned so much which I put into practice everyday.    01/17/2022

I just took your recorded zoom CLE class. It was one of the best presentations ever and learned a lot of great tips. I hope you'll continue to teach more CLE classes! Thank you!  01/01/2022

Your content is extremely relevant as I did not think (too much) about how others see or hear my zoom video feed. I was not bored, was not distracted, and was engaged by your personality, your wit, and organized presentation. I kept notes and am happy I can watch (and have my staff watch) the program again. Excellent!  12/30/2021

You are amazing and have awesome tips and tricks that I know will help me incredibly in my future.  12/02/2021

I've seen so many zoom seminars that were worthless and common sense. Yet, in this one, I learned a lot from Elisabeth's advice and tips.  11/17/2021

Very practical and useful. Bright perspective on this new phase in the legal profession, more so litigation and client interactions.  11/17/2021

Excellent presentation. Learned a lot. Thank you!  11/17/2021

Terrific program. Many things I never even considered about improving presentation on zoom.  11/17/2021

Very interactive! Lots of practical tips; Speaker was very interactive and responsive to questions.  11/17/2021

I liked everything about it. Your delivery and visuals are top notch. You add a folksy personal touch which makes your content very relatable.   10/23/2021

Fabulous tips. I hope that law schools hire you to make this presentation to their 2L/3L students who are beginning OCI - because zoom interviews are here to stay!  10/23/2021

This was the best Zoom presentation I have attended.  10/22/2021

Excellent presentations! The comparison of web camera and headphone set was the best example of the importance of good sound. I was convinced to use a headphone set.  09/29/2021

Elisabeth's presentation is GREAT! My accounting students will definitely benefit from my learning experience here.  09/28/2021

The presenter was amazing!!! Very engaging which made it easy to stay focused    09/28/2021

Concrete suggestions -- e.g. wear blue, not white; or use Krisp. This presentation had so many of them and they were very well thought-out and presented.  09/28/2021

The focus on the communication aspect of zooming was extremely beneficial. Anyone can "zoom," but effectively communicating through zoom is not simple nor easy.  09/28/2021

All of the Zoom tips were very helpful. Especially about how to position yourself (ratios), what colors work best for clothing, and patterns for clothing, and also backgrounds to avoid. The lighting information was very interesting too. This was a fantastic presentation. Thank you very much! Very helpful!  09/28/2021

This was great! Wish I had all of this information when we started with Zoom appearances in 2020!  09/15/2021