So many great tips! Thanks for the energy, Elisabeth. Love it.  08/01/2022

Excellent! Thank you. Plenty to think about and adjustments to make to be more professional.  08/01/2022

I learnt so much, thank you Elisabeth. I will be sharing the recording of this session with my firm. It just shows that you don't know what you don't know!  08/01/2022

I have learnt some useful tips. I like the PlexiCam gadget, and the tip about sweating.  08/01/2022

So many great tips! I need to work on my resting Zoom face!  08/01/2022

Wow. That was NOT what I expected. So practical! Thanks for a great session!  08/01/2022

Wonderful presentation Elisabeth, one of the better ones I’ve been to. Very useful and practical tips everyone can implement.  08/01/2022

I really appreciated your "Linkedin for Attorneys" webinar, and I shared it with a group of future lawyers who are new to Linkedin. Thank you!  06/28/2022

I always enjoyed your workshops the most 🤗 You're such a queen!  06/26/2022

Elisabeth, you have such wonderful energy, and it's a blessing to have you with us AGAIN! Hope to keep connecting with you!  06/25/2022

Super excited to hear from you again and getting the opportunity to learn from you more. If it's as compelling as last time I am sure that it will be a treat  06/25/2022

Thank you Elisabeth, will be working on my virtual presence using your tips! :)  06/25/2022

Thanks for always having so much energy and passion to teach!  06/25/2022

I enjoyed your presentation today! I learned so much. Greatly appreciated!  06/10/2022

Hilarious and informative!  06/07/2022

OMG. You Are So Fun!  06/07/2022

Thank you for taking the time to present to my cohort! You were truly a breath of fresh air. I learned so much!  06/07/2022

Thank you so much for your time! You have such an infectious and engaging energy.  06/07/2022

GREAT presentation. I learned so much from you today! WONDERFUL JOB !!!  05/09/2022

I attended your phenomenal webinar today about communicating more effectively on video calls. I learned so much about posture, lighting, camera tools, and more during this training. I’ll absolutely incorporate what I learned to uplevel my online teaching skills and provide a better experience for those who are watching me.  05/09/2022