SO HELPFUL! The background noise muter has saved me! Your presentation is so well thought out and helped us really see the changes that happen when you use certain tools. I really learned a lot!  07/16/2020

I love how you modeled for me the magic of "play" to learn new things.  I learned more tricks!  07/16/2020

Elisabeth was a very engaging speaker. She said funny remarks that made me laugh. If I had to choose my favorite tips from today's presentation, it would be the following: (1) wear concealer to disguise my dark circles; (2) wear a lip color to bring attention to my lips (this is helpful especially for those who have a hearing impairment like me); (3) choose a very bland photo to use as my background; (4) don't chat during Zoom interviews; (5) keep the camera at arm's level; (6) no headphones over the head; and (7) invest in either a microphone or airpods to transmit quality sound.  07/16/2020

I think this webinar was just perfect.  07/15/2020

I had been watching a number of Zoom tutorial videos that were just so dry and boring. It was so nice to interact, laugh, and learn with you as you shared your experiences & expertise in zoom! I also really enjoyed the palm push exercise! More of those would be awesome!  07/15/2020

I think everything was absolutely great. Your honesty! And great ideas - made me think about how to do many things differently! Really enjoyed it and was so helpful!  07/15/2020

90% was new to me. It was ALL of value.  01/08/2020

10/10! The content and presentation were great, so many good tips it is hard to pick a favorite! The audience engagement was great, calling people by name is a great way to compel interaction and break the ice to establish the sense of connection.  01/08/2020

It was probably one of the best workshops I've been to/listened in on. You were so awesome - I loved the demonstrations, your delivery, and everything about it! Thank you!  

Liked everything! Most importantly, seeing real-life modeling of how to be a great zoom presenter and facilitator.  

I appreciated your enthusiasm and practical examples. I absolutely love all the examples from people of color!    

It was light, fun, and relevant. It was a live conversation, which kept me engaged. I'm used to a tiny talking head reading PowerPoint slides, so this was refreshing!