This has been fabulous. I love Elisabeth's work, full stop.  09/15/2021

 Thank you for a great presentation!   09/14/2021

The hour was filled with terrific suggestions.  09/14/2021

It was fantastic. Very engaging and informative! I used to be a trainer (and previously professor) and between COVID and working for a company in multiple states, I have done a lot of zoom training and it is a challenge to keep your energy high when you get so little feedback from your audience (like you said, it can feel like you are hermetically sealed in your own bubble). So I always appreciate seeing such a successful example of a job well done.  09/14/2021

Your zoom tips were great and surely will be the high point of my day!  09/14/2021

You cannot help but learn ... and laugh ... when you're working with Elisabeth. She is a #rockstar of screens big and small!!  08/25/2021

It was an authentic and informative session, and Elisabeth Steele was an interviewer's delight - hilariously communicative!  08/25/2021

All great, practical tips I could incorporate immediately. Excellent program - an hour well spent!  08/16/2021

An informative, engaging, enthusiastic presenter! Don't change a thing. It left me wanting to learn more. Wonderful presentation. Mahalo!  08/13/2021

I found the tips to be practical and was grateful for the price information in relation to the items suggested. The information was presented in a way that made it feel immediately actionable.  The intentionality in showing so many different types of people in the example slides was beautifully done, and deeply appreciated. Thank you. This has by far one of the best CLE's I've attended!  08/13/2021

Wow!  Energetic, fun, and easy to put into practice.  I'm going to start by angling my desk so the wall has some depth to it. Great for us attorneys as we tend to be too frozen and poker-faced.  08/13/2021

Beautifully organized and presented! This was the BEST session I've ever attended regarding videoconferencing techniques and topics.  08/13/2021

Great job. Your video image and audio and communication style were A+.  08/13/2021

This has been wonderfully informative and a joyful experience!  08/13/2021

Thanks for a great presentation, something different!  08/13/2021

Thank you for your tips and the personal experience lends credit to your recommendations!  08/05/2021

I really loved all the examples showing the incremental improvements. This was amazingly helpful!  08/05/2021

I most liked the usefulness of all the information shared and the manner in which it was presented.  As we emerge from crisis use of technology during the pandemic and integrate technology into ongoing operations (including in our courts), presentations such as this are so critically important.  08/05/2021

Your presentation was otherworldly, and the team absolutely loved it. Thank you!  08/04/2021

 I learned so much Zoom communication development skills, and it was one of the most enlightening and engaging presentations that I have ever had on Zoom, too!  08/04/2021