This has been wonderfully informative and a joyful experience!  08/13/2021

Thanks for a great presentation, something different!  08/13/2021

Thank you for your tips and the personal experience lends credit to your recommendations!  08/05/2021

I really loved all the examples showing the incremental improvements. This was amazingly helpful!  08/05/2021

I most liked the usefulness of all the information shared and the manner in which it was presented.  As we emerge from crisis use of technology during the pandemic and integrate technology into ongoing operations (including in our courts), presentations such as this are so critically important.  08/05/2021

Your presentation was otherworldly, and the team absolutely loved it. Thank you!  08/04/2021

 I learned so much Zoom communication development skills, and it was one of the most enlightening and engaging presentations that I have ever had on Zoom, too!  08/04/2021

We were inspired by your coaching and deep insights. We are all better for it (and you)! Thank you again and again.  08/04/2021

Information that I never considered when going in front of a camera. Workshop was very helpful!  07/28/2021

Great tips that I would never have thought about for making zoom presence better.  Would love to be able to find the presentation in a video so I can watch it again!    07/28/2021

I most liked the interactive aspects and the "before and after" demonstrations of the tips and tricks. Thank you, this was so helpful!  07/28/2021

Very helpful tips and engaging presentation! I will take many of these tips back to my office to improve my Zoom setup!  07/28/2021

Very practical advice presented in a fun manner! Such a great presentation!  You were very personable and the information was really helpful and on point. Thank you for sharing such great tips :)  07/28/2021

Thank you for teaching our law students so well! I've never been on an hour-long voluntary Zoom where NO ONE dropped off along the way - you were utterly compelling!  07/28/2021

We engaged Elisabeth to present to our law students for our virtual Career Conference. From the start, Elisabeth was a blast to work with! She is incredibly responsive and thoughtfully listened to our goals and was able to work with us around various tech and timing constraints (we very much appreciated this flexibility!). In terms of her presentation and content, she has a highly-interactive and engaging personality! She keeps a topic that most of us, at this point, may feel like we are experts in (i.e., video presentation) feel fresh and new by providing creative and tactical tips for us to take back to our virtual workplaces! I am excited to continue to find opportunities to collaborate with Elisabeth and enthusiastically recommend her as a speaker or presenter  07/22/2021

I loved that we were able to put her tips into immediate action and see the difference right away! I could see the confidence in our pre-law students growing over the course of the hour as they saw their own virtual presence improve throughout the session. I don't think I've ever attended a professional development session with instant results like this. I'm not joking when I tell you that in subsequent program sessions, other presenters commented on the students' great lighting and backgrounds - that is a direct result of the guidance Elisabeth offered!  07/14/2021

So wonderful! Even my kids were fascinated by your presentation.  07/14/2021

This was VERY helpful! Thank you!  07/14/2021

The webinar was jam-packed with practical tips, which Elisabeth conveyed in an engaging way. I liked the way Elisabeth demonstrated all the tips. Her energy and passion for helping people with Zoom also shone through. She really is the Zoom guru and this was the best value for money webinar I've invested in for a long, long time.  07/01/2021

Interesting and novel ideas to add to zoom presentations, for e.g. spin the wheel, high-fiving each other virtually, voting anonymously, etc. All interesting additions I hadn't considered.  06/29/2021