She answered many "You don't know, what you don't know" questions. Simple things like necklaces, leg spreading, make-up, Krisp app, etc.  She provided resources for each topic she spoke about. It was a very engaging and professional presentation.  01/20/2021

It was incredibly informative and covered topics I didn't even think about such as lip reading and natural lighting.  01/14/2021

I enjoyed listening to the presenter as she had a very open and enthusiastic personality. It made learning tips and tricks for a good zoom meeting all the more fun and enjoyable.  For me, the most important was correcting the lighting in my zoom image. I realized how much brighter my appearance looked and it made me feel like it made me look more engaged. Also, the option to remove the self-view was very useful, as I would tend to get distracted constantly looking at myself instead of paying attention to the speakers/presenters.  01/13/2021

With Zoom fatigue after having meetings and classes all day, it was very refreshing to have such a bubbly, cheery presenter! That is something I will definitely try to mimic when I am leading Zoom calls.  01/13/2021

Wow. Great presentation. And thank you so much for promoting content creators and using lots of examples of people of color! We need more of this.  01/13/2021

I liked the ability for us to try out the techniques suggested in real time as opposed to having to remember every step to implement it later.  I also learned today that I can adjust for low light on my zoom camera. Although it would be great if I could rearrange my room and set up extra equipment for every zoom call, little tweaks like this make me look presentable on on low-stakes camera calls with little additional effort. Great presentation— I honestly learned a lot!  01/12/2021

Everything was wonderful but Elisabeth's energy was the crown jewel!  01/07/2021

The presentation style was so relatable - it felt very "real"!  The tips she gave just past the halfway point about mobile device technology being (generally) superior to computer-based tech hits on something that I think most people miss and thus limits them. I've used my mobile device almost exclusively for work that is VERY Zoom-based (one on one meetings) for over nine months now and it's been FANTASTIC. Far superior to anything my computer would allow me to do, from a quality standpoint, despite the desktop version having more "features."  01/06/2021

I liked how personable she was and how she made us feel like that zoom setup was achievable.  01/06/2021

Gr8 session!  01/01/2021

Loved learning all the tricks to looking good on Zoom as well as her enthusiasm. I think this would be great for communication professionals who have to make their execs look good.  12/22/2020

Your enthusiasm made the subject seem like play so I'm excited to try out your tips!  12/22/2020

Elisabeth's energy and passion shine through! The noise cancelling thing with the jingle bells was amazing. Everything I've learned, I learned from Elisabeth.  12/21/2020

I got lots of tips I hadn't thought about before, ex. distance from computer, changing settings to decrease background noises being amplified, etc. Loved her PowerPoint and how she walked us through many tips in real time. Great job!  12/21/2020

There were so many tips to help me better deliver my class though Zoom. While few would say that I am charming, I have been told repeatedly by my students that I make learning fun and that they appreciate the rich conversations, and my presence. Moving to Zoom threatened that connection I have with students and that concerned me. I plan to immediately implement some of the tips (which should be made into a mandatory training) covered by Elisabeth. She is my new hero!  12/21/2020

EVERYTHING! Appreciated learning about the captioning/subtitles for ADA, visual impression (movement of ceiling fan & movement of virtual background, color, clothing/appearance) - I could go on and on. If I had to rate this as the BEST PRESENTATION I’ve seen all year - this is the WINNER!  12/16/2020

Elisabeth was entertaining, engaging, well informed, welcoming/warm….The PowerPoint was well organized and interesting content. It moved at the perfect speed, to get information and used time wisely. The tips and tricks, she spoke from experience. This was the best training I have attended since CV-19/Zoom’ing started. I’ve attempted 2 other workshops regarding Zoom, and by far this was the BEST!  11/18/2020

Considering the fact that we started at 8:15 PM EST , finished at 10:00 something PM EST and 80 attendees were still completely energized and eager to hear more or start practicing what they just learned is any professor's dream. You were magnificent! "Zoom Like a Professional"  with Elisabeth Steele Hutchison is the BOMB!!  10/29/2020

I just wanted to let you know how FABULOUS your Zoom session was.  The information was so helpful and so expertly and entertainingly presented.  Not to mention:  Girl, you've got talent!  Get a web series!  10/02/2020

A blitzkrieg of ideas and information! WRT (With Respect To) to the speaker, supply a virtual five-point safety harness so participants can buckle themselves for the wild, but informative, ride!  09/29/2020