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Elisabeth teaches educators and lawyer-types to engage virtual audiences.

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It was fantastic. Very engaging and informative! I used to be a trainer (and previously professor) and between COVID and working for a company in multiple states, I have done a lot of zoom training and it is a challenge to keep your energy high when you get so little feedback from your audience (like you said, it can feel like you are hermetically sealed in your own bubble). So I always appreciate seeing such a successful example of a job well done.

Amazing program. The content provided current, relevant information, and the speaker presented very  well and made the program fun.

Beautifully organized and presented! This was the BEST session I've ever attended regarding videoconferencing techniques and topics.

So wonderful! Even my kids were fascinated by your presentation.

I got a lot more out of it than I expected. So much more. Easily the most valuable tips I've found on how to Zoom. I only wish I'd learned this stuff sooner. I will be re-watching in the future for the parts that didn't sink in this time. This is an exceptional presentation.