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Elisabeth has been teaching folx (lawyer-types, mostly) to captivate online audiences since 2020. See About.

Email Elisabeth, or schedule a time to chat via Zoom.  Elisabeth’s dance card fills up quickly.

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I most liked the usefulness of all the information shared and the manner in which it was presented.  As we emerge from crisis use of technology during the pandemic and integrate technology into ongoing operations (including in our courts), presentations such as this are so critically important.

 I learned so much Zoom communication development skills, and it was one of the most enlightening and engaging presentations that I have ever had on Zoom, too!

We were inspired by your coaching and deep insights. We are all better for it (and you)! Thank you again and again.

Thank you for teaching our law students so well! I've never been on an hour-long voluntary Zoom where NO ONE dropped off along the way - you were utterly compelling!

So wonderful! Even my kids were fascinated by your presentation.